Sanitech Corporation has developed an extensive line of sanitation systems designed to satisfy the unique requirements of the Food Industry

The Mark Series incorporate the new thermal technology to produce pressurized wet steam that sanitizes and degrease without using any chemicals. This results in a higher level of sanitation with lower operating costs.

The high temperature of the pressurized wet steam kills most bacteria on contact and thermally breaks down grease and protein deposits. Traditionally, this has been achieved through the use of high cost chemicals and intensive manual cleaning which can further contaminate the food product. The Sanitech system eliminates the usage of chemicals soaps and detergents and, is portable and compact enough to be handled by a single employee. Chemical free cleaning prolongs the durability of kitchen equipment, tiles and grouting. The water requirements of a Sanitech are lower than that of a pressure washer, thereby conserving water and saving the environment from chemical effluents in the sewage.

Sanitech machines are USDA compliant for indoor usage as they run on environmentally friendly LPG, which is a clean burning fuel. Using Sanitech equipment gives you close to zero bacteria counts, saves money spent on cleaning crews and chemicals, reduces wear and tear on equipment through a single step sanitation process. Food service establishments can reduce up to 50% of the labor hours spent on cleaning which improves employee morale and efficiency. Higher levels of sanitation achieved by using a Sanitech prevent slip and fall accidents and thereby indirectly reduce insurance premiums.

The Mark Series from SANITECH Corporation incorporates new thermal technology to produce pressurized wet steam that sanitizes and degrease without using any chemicals. The benefits of using the Mark Series are:
• Elimination of Chemicals
• More efficient and effective sanitation of equipment
• An overall reduction in the Total Cost of Operations
There are 7 different models of the Mark Series that can meet your specific needs. The video below shows the Mark 4 Series which is our most popular model for food processors.


The Stainless Steel Mark IV is our most popular model for food processors. The heavy duty construction includes stainless steel heat coils. The Mark IV is our most powerful model that only requires an electrical supply of 115 volts. This makes it very easy to move throughout your facility to where your sanitation needs require it. The steam produced by a Mark IV is your best defense against pathogens like listeria.

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We offer a complete line of injectors, vacuum tumblers, and vacuum packaging machines and accessories for processing all types of meat, poultry and fish.

Our Equipment meets all the latest industry standards and provides the end user ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance. Inject Star equipment is ideal for bone-in or boneless red meat, poultry, and seafood.


Inject Star pickle injectors and industrial injectors have an impressive level of robustness, loadability and durability which sets our machines apart.

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Vacuum Packaging

Henkelman is a world-class manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines, Henkelman makes choosing the right vacuum machine easy. Meat, game, poultry, fish, dairy products, cheese, soups or ready meals? Bulk or individual products? We always have the right machine for your specific wishes and requirements.

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Tumblers Massage

Inject Star also makes defrosting systems for thawing frozen meat, based on the Magnum Massaging System. With a Jumbo lid opening, these machines can be fed with frozen meat blocks directly via a conveyor belt.

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